Going into business is scary. It's exciting, exhilarating and full of promise. But actually, mostly, it's scary.

Especially at first.

When I took the leap, left full-time secure employment and decided to go it alone, I was blessed to have good people around me and one of those people referred me to Christine Mann and Business Stepping Stones.

Christine's approach is down to earth and no-nonsense.

She tells it as it is, but she is supportive and a calming voice of reason when you need it most.

The Mastermind Workshop for Start Ups and SMEs gave me the tools I needed to sharpen my business model, to make me accountable for my time and where I was investing my energy and helped me set and meet small and big picture goals.

What's more, it opened up new networks and all of a sudden I wasn't going it alone afterall. I had a team; a cheersquad! I was part of a group of like-minded people who were stuill different enough to offer clear perspectives and fresh ideas.

If you are venturing into small business, I couldn't recommend this workshop and Christine as a mentor and coach highly enough.
Thank you Christine!

Meredith Papas
Proprietor | Professional Scribe

iScribe Consulting

Strategic Business Engagement



I have just completed the "Micro Business Workshop" consisting of 6 x 1 hour sessions conducted by Christine Mann.

Wow, what a fantastic program for any micro business owners, whether already in business or considering a start-up micro business.

The sessions are lively, fast paced and jam packed full of relevant content to micro business owners.
Christine has a real gift in encouraging and coaching participants in embracing and contributing to real life, real time, meaningful business discussions and ideas sharing.

I found Christine's micro business course totally stimulating from the first minute, in fact by week 3 of the course I felt re-invigorated and inspired enough to commence a start-up on not 1, but 2 new business ventures!

I highly recommend Christine Mann at Business Stepping Stones to anyone looking for inspiration, expert help and guidance in either business start-ups or existing business ventures.

Great work Christine. Thank You.
Greg Board



I have written this referral in appreciation for you inviting me to your introductory pilot program on Micro Business. As a Mentor, fascinator and founder of this programme you should be immensely proud.

I was able to receive and give advice to and from others participants, rather than sit in a lecture type environment, this interaction made for a safe place to put out ideas for others and myself to review and make suggestions on how things could be done differently, collective real life experiences were shared saving others from making the same costly mistakes through lack of experience.

We were also the percipients of some excellent tailor made advice through the collective mastermind of the group. This advice could and was immediately implemented by some to increase cash flow.

In summing up I would highly recommend that anyone thinking of making the transition from the employee to self employment take this course to understand all the basics requirements to launch and succeed in a new venture.

Also any business that has stumbled along and now sits at a cross road with the need to know where to next.  Many a good venture has folded from ignorance during that unavoidable part of the journey were all the dots have to be aligned, so success can enter for those who have persisted.

Interaction with like minded people will eliminate ignorance, enhance persistence and also deliver some welcomed new friends.

Kind Regards
Greg Fisher
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Christine is a great facilitator and was more than willing to allow the flow of the conversation continue into areas that she could see were going to benefit everyone. 

She has a wonderful way of coaxing the best out of people and making them feel comfortable and willing to share in the supportive environment she provides.  

I really enjoyed being a part of the Workshop, and I found the open, honest and frank discussions around everybody's business very beneficial and it was a wonderfully supportive environment to work in.  I have made great connections with the group that I can see will continue into the future. 

I particularly found the brainstorming mastermind sessions very useful as having everyone's input into your business provided you with ideas and angles that would not have thought of yourself.

I have no hesitation in recommending this course to any small business owners to participate in, as the discussion, connections and support make it a very worthwhile exercise.

Dee Dunworth
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I had the pleasure of attending a Micro Business workshop with Christine Mann rom Stepping Stones Mackay.

The information I received from this workshop was very beneficial to our business.  I mixed with like minded people and was able to gain insights into better management of our business.

I would not hesitate to recommend this course to business owners.

Leonie Chataway


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