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People Management

We facilitate In House delivery of all Human Resource functions including Talent Management, Performance Management and Organizational Development. Setting up a new business?  Set it up with guidelines in place before you start to employ people. This will be your insurance for the future in nipping problems before they get out of control.

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MASTERMIND Workshops for Small Business Owners

Our Micro Business Development workshops are facilitated for small groups of 8 to 10 people. Here the group are encouraged to brainstorm idea's and to support each other in their business ventures.  The workshop guides you in discipline of your daily work structure and your accountability to your business which will improve and encourage productivity. 


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Career Transition Workshop for Over 55's

The career transition workshops for over 55's will mentor in how to adapt and change to fit into the current workforce or fulfilling a dream of starting their own business.

We can't always continue in the same job or trade, but we are fit and active and keen enough to want to.  The last thing we want is to sit under a shady tree and just fade away. 

So the workshop is aimed at helping participants to learn how to be gainfully employed, happily and with dignity.  It may come to retraining and starting a new career path completely different to the job they've done for the last 10, 20 or 30 years.

We at Business Stepping Stones will examine their skills and discuss their life dreams. Everyone during the drudgery of their daily job, dream of what they would like to do if they had the opportunity so we allow the opportunity to experience open discussion on what they would like to achieve.

Career Transition Workshops are also available to the Employer as part of an Employee Assistance Program.   Individuals wanting to work through a Career Transition are also catered for.

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Business Development and Mentoring

Business Stepping Stones offers an Assist Portal for business owners feeling isolated not knowing where to turn to for help and who to trust with their fear of losing their business. Taken home, it then becomes the snow ball effect taking hold and affecting friends and family.   We will walk you through the processes needed to move through these stressful periods. 

Let us find the right accountant, the right bank, the right solicitor, allow us to communicate with your employees, to write your communications and to listen to your fears.  Our role will be there to support you through the rough times as a mentor until you regain your strength to stand on your own again.

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  • We offer mentoring for owners feeling isolated

  • Taking the stress out of the crisis, allowing to regroup

  • Including your staff in decision making

  • Reporting in a way the business owner and staff can understand

  • Understanding overheads

  • Action Plans to suit the project and the business.

  • Finding the right customers, suppliers and staff

  • Building relationships and alliances with clients, suppliers and staff


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