People Management

Recruitment and Staff Selection

  • From advertising to arranging interviews through to nominating the successful applicant.

  • Setting up compliant Recruitment processes and policies.

  • Employment Contracts.

Induction and "On Boarding" of Staff

  • Prepare in house inductions,  arrange medicals, site inductions and uniforms.

  • Introductions to key working members.

  • Documenting certificates and statutory personal details for payroll.

Development of Organisational Structure

  • Allocation of tasks, placement of responsibility, reporting pathway.

Job Analysis and Development of Job Descriptions

  • Task procedures and responsibility pathways and determining the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the role.

Creating Policies and Procedures to suit your Business

  • Ensure your business is operating  in line with legislation with policies to suit your business.

  • Support employees to perform tasks with more confidence. Reduce risks in the workplace.

Performance Review

  • Provide performance feedback relative to expectations and improvement information (e.g., coaching, mentoring)

Performance Management

  • Partnering with business stakeholders to accomplish the objective of optimising workplace performance in line with an organisations strategic and cultural priorities.

Demobilizing / Redundancies

  • Assisting with communication and consultation between managers and employees.

  • Preparing Redundancy payouts and entitlements.

Career Transitions

  • We can assist employees to update their resumes and renew their skills on how to apply for jobs.
  • They will learn how to network and use social media to assist in gaining new employment.

Business Succession planning

  • Have you heard the business owner say "he hasn't had a day off in ages", "can't afford to get sick" "can't get the right staff"?...

  • Succession planning should start the day you start your business.

  • Having confidence in knowing your staff are able to work effectively when you are not there by understanding your vision and goals.

  • You can't take the business with you, but you may need to derive an income to support your retirement, so having   an exit and  succession plan in place makes sense.  A prosperous business will be your legacy and a very valuable asset.






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